Controra - House of Shadows

With a unique and broad experience our team is set to develop International successful projects and service and advice productions willing to work in Italy and the Mediterranean.




Controra – House of Shadows

Discover our latest feature, a co-production Italy-Ireland.

Seven Seas

Reality TV Show supported by Greenpeace for its environmental content.

Xarelto Commercial

Logistic support and management for producers of commercials.

A funny story

A film documentary on the life, works and life ethics of famous director Mario Monicelli.

Interlinea supporta Peace Drums

Interlinea supporta PEACE DRUMS, il concerto diffuso per la pace nel Mediterraneo. Peace drums diffonde, da punti diversi del Mediterraneo, i valori della pace, del dialogo e dell’accoglienza. L’evento è organizzato e promosso dal Comune di Lampedusa, Emergency, Oxfam, Legambiente, Arci, Sos Mediterranee, Emma For Peace, Slowfood. Un concerto condiviso che ti chiede una mano […]

“Once I Was Malerba” will be screened at European Parliament in Bruxelles

We are pleased to announce that the documentary “Once I was Malerba” by Toni Trupia will be screened at European Parliament in Bruxelles on May 30th.   Siamo lieti di annunciare che martedì 30 Maggio, presso il Parlamento Europeo in Bruxelles, sarà proiettato il documentario “Ero Malerba” diretto da Toni Trupia.  

Mr. Bric à Brac

A portrait of Valentino Parlato, one of the most controversial Italian journalists.

Interlinea Il secolo lungo

The long Century

A documentary about famous astronomer Margherita Hack.

Wanted in Rome

A composer struggles until a soul helps her to move her piano to a new home.

Ferrari Uomo

A stylish TV commercial on Ferrari fragrance for men.

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