Life & adventures of Mr. Bric a Brac

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English tilteLife and adventures of Mr Bric a Brac
Project summaryA portrait of Valentino Parlato, one of the most controversial Italian journalists, who was born in Tripoli, Libya, in 1931. In his tale he tells us about his life and career: he is among the founders of the newspaper “Il Manifesto”, whose first edition appeared on April 28, 1971 and has been director of the newspaper for several years, dealing with politics and economy. Today he lives in Rome, is president of the counsel of “Il Manifesto” and takes the bus to work every day for the newspaper that, as Parlato says, since its first edition has had on its front page the inscription ‘communist newspaper’, to point out that “communism was not private property, monopoly of the Italian Communist Party”.
DirectorsMarina Catucci, Matteo Parlato, Roberto Salinas
Festivals and Markets2006 – Cineforum Prize – Libero Bizzarri