The long century

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English tilteThe long century
Project summary“Sometimes when you come across something unexpected, you tend to hide it under the carpet like dust.. but it’s then that the fun begins” Margherita Hack.
“The Long Century” is a journey through the life of Margherita Hack, an extraordinary woman that managed to affirm herself with her charisma and irony not only as a scientist and outstanding researcher – Among her several scientific contributions Stellar Spectroscopy, considered a fundamental text – but also as a representative of a tout court ethic that embraces ecology and politics. Margherita Hack is one of the first Italian women to achieve an international status. She was born in Florence before the World war 2 and lived from the inside, the key happenings of the XX Century one of the most important for mankind.
EditorsMarina Catucci, Roberto Salinas
Festivals and Markets2009 – Vedere la scienza Festival, Sezione Speciale: Omaggio all’ Astronomia Italiana
2008 – Saturno International Film Festival, Evento Speciale
2008 – Biografilm Festival – Sezione Panorma


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