The reason of time

Project Information

Original tilteLe ragioni del tempo
English TitleThe reason of time
Runtime52 min
GenreBiopic documentary
CastAndrea Carandini
EditorsMarina Catucci e Roberto Salinas
Original SoundtrackFabio Autore
ProducerMaurizio Antonini
Production Company Interlinea Film
Tagline“The history of Rome is one of inclusion and never exclusion…it’s an enormous melting pot“, Andrea Carandini
PlotHow is time conceived by an archaeologist? Someone who is used to digging in History , re building its events from scattered fragments, dismantling and reassembling it to comprehend its fundamental mechanisms, its propulsions, its season? The life of Andrea Carandini is, by his own admission, none other than an open excavation, stratigraphy of influences, burning passions, surprises and bitter disappointments.
A keen and magnetic orator, bright and disenchanted witness, in his tale Andrea Carandini creates a bridge between past and present, between the reason of the past and those of present.
With the support of Regione Lazio