Wanted in Rome

Directed by Rossella De Venuto


Original TitleWanted in Rome
Runtime14 min
Genre Short
CastJacqueline Lustig
Luke Winslow King
Pietro Ragusa
Production companyInterlinea Film
ProducerMaurizio Antonini
TaglineA composer struggles to find a home. A soul helps her to move her piano to a new home. When day breaks, she faces a decision to set their spirits free.
SynopsisJacqueline, a foreign composer in Rome, is in need of a home where she can compose and practice her piano in peace. Through Wanted in Rome, a magazine for foreigners, Jacqueline finds a room in the home of Louise, another foreigner who is encouraging of music.
However, Jacqueline still faces having to move her piano with no one to help her. At her critical moment, Louise’s son Luca, a stranger to Jacqueline, comes to her aid and offers to help Jacqueline move her piano that night. Together, Jacqueline and Luca move the piano through the night streets of Rome, encountering various night time characters. Their adventure ultimately leads them to a shared night of fulfillment and love.
But in the morning, Jacqueline realizes the full significance of spiritual freedom and full expression when Luca requests her help to be released. Ultimately, it is up to Jacqueline to make an irrevocable decision to set Luca, and her own spirit, free.