“Once I Was Malerba” will be screened at Chamber of Deputies

The documentary “Once I was Malerba”, the real story of Giuseppe Grassonelli, ex boss of “Stidda”, directed by Toni Trupia and written with the journalist Carmelo Sardo, will be screened at Chamber of Deputies in Rome on 21th february.

“Once I Was Malerba” has been selected for Nastri D’Argento Awards 2017.



invito Camera Deputati

New collaboration with the Oscar awarded A.R. Rahman for a VR film, Le Musk

Oscar awarded A.R. Rahman has shot his first film, a virtual reality project, here in Italy.

We were very glad to work with him as an executive production.



Once I was Malerba and Haiku on a plum tree selected at Nastri D’argento

We are glad to announce that “Once I was Malerba” by Toni Trupia and  “Haiku on a plum tree” by Mujah Maraini Melehi  are in the official selection of Nastri D’argento